Top preparations for a spring clean

Top preparations for a spring clean

A spring clean might be on your to do list over the coming weeks, however you might be struggling to find the time to get a thorough job done. Without the time for a deep clean, your house can easily get messed up and it will leave you feeling unorganised and unhappy. Using these simple tips will help your home to look and feel clean with very little effort.

Keep sinks clean and shiny

Every day, we spend a lot of time at the sink – whether it’s washing the pots or brushing your teeth, you’re always looking down into the often murky basin. Keeping your sinks clean is vital; they can be a breeding ground for bacteria, especially after doing the washing up. A simple spray and wipe around after every use with an antibacterial product will keep your sink clean and sanitised, plus a sparkling shine will help your entire room feel so much cleaner.

Spray your shower

Using a daily shower spray on tiles and glass after every shower will help to keep away water marks. The spray won’t clean but it will help keep it shiny and smelling good for a lot longer than if let untamed. The daily shower spray can also be used on metal taps and kitchen tiles to add that extra shine.

Make the bed

Early mornings can be hard sometimes and if you’re in a hurry you might forget to make the bed. But take the time to make the bed every morning and you will feel like your home is so much better cared for. A made bed is much more inviting than a messy one, and it will make you feel like your bedroom is a luxurious place to sleep. To make your bed even more inviting, change your sheets at least twice a month in warmer weather.

Keep mess off the floor

Whether its piles of dirty clothes, the shoes you wore to work that day or the dog’s chew toy; items on the floor will make a room feel messier than it really is. Try not to leave anything out if possible especially a gym bag or clean clothes ready to be hung up. If you have floor space your rooms will feel bigger, tidy and cared for.

Scent says plenty

A room that smells good equates to a room that feels clean. You should try using different scented candles or sprays for each room, this way you won’t become accustomed to the one scent and it will be noticeable throughout your home. It is important to not use too strong a scent however, as this can be unwelcoming and overpowering. Simple and light scents like lavender or vanilla are most appealing.

Rubber gloves

If you’re looking to throw yourself into it and really crack on with a spring clean, then you’ll need to stock up on the essentials.  First of all, make sure that your vacuum cleaner is in top working order. Another great tip for any spring cleaning effort is to use rubber gloves; having your hands protected means you won’t be shy of scrubbing the toilet or pulling grime from the drains. Wearing rubber gloves will also give you the required protection when getting in deep with the things you haven’t cleaned in a long time, leaving your home the cleanest it’s ever been. If you’re having a good top-to-bottom dust, then it’s important that your duster can not only reach high into those hard to reach places, but can equally handle those small gaps in your home.

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