Top tips on moving house this Christmas

It’s finally here! Now that it’s officially December we are allowed to get excited for everyone’s favourite holiday – Christmas! Although, if you’re moving house this season you may be more stressed than excited so we have constructed a few tips that you can use to make moving this holiday much easier, and relaxed.

Be prepared

Being prepared for the entire process will give you much needed peace of mind, from trying to squeeze all the boxes in your uncles’ seven seater to wrapping every single piece of crockery lovingly in newspaper. Arm yourself with the cello tape and have scissors at the ready and remember, you can never have too many boxes, parcel tape or cups of tea.


When you’re moving house is the perfect time to declutter your life – get rid of that old Halloween costume from 10 years ago and the chess set you keep saying you’ll learn how to play on but half the pieces are now missing and the only time it’s ever been used is to keep your books propped up. Bag it all up, drive it to the nearest charity shop and we guarantee you’ll feel loads better.

Book in advance

Try to book all the things you know you will need in advance to make it easier for you on the day. Think of the small but VERY important things such as the internet, the TV license, the electricity and heating. This will mean that as soon as the unpacking is done, you can snuggle up on your new sofa with a cuppa and start a well-deserved Netflix marathon.

Enlist help

Family, friends, and those people you see down the pub every Saturday are ideal for helping you move house – don’t feel guilty for asking them, there will come a time when you have to repay the favour! Just make sure you’re able to provide endless cups of tea and plenty of biscuits to dunk.

 British weather

The great British weather can never be relied upon to do what it says it will do so even if you’ve set your heart on a moving day, chances are it will be rained off. Don’t worry and trust us when we say that heaving heavy boxes on and off removal vans is not fun. Far better to wait for a clear day so that you don’t damage any of your belongings and so that the whole moving process is far more pleasant.

Have you checked out any of the Keepmoat homes available to move into in your local area? Many of them come with a number of Christmassy extras just because it’s Christmas!

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