Top Tips to Make your Home Feel Bigger

So you’ve moved into your first home and want to make the most of the space you have. You might not have bought a mansion, not many of us have, so any tips and tricks you can employ to make your home feel bigger and more spacious are going to be very welcome. Designers and stylists use lots of clever ideas to give a space a roomier feel and they are very easy to use in your own home. All you need is a little know-how and some imagination to make this work for you. Here are our tip tips for making your home feel bigger:


You may have only just moved, but we’re sure you still have plenty of treasures that have moved with you. Be ruthless and declutter as you unpack if you haven’t already. If you’ve been in your home a while, ensure you go through every room and discard of the items you’re not using. A good tip when decluttering is to have 3 bags to hand, then fill them with items for charity, then another for the recycling and finally one for your best bits to sell on an auction site. Decluttering can and will create a lot of space you didn’t realise you had so it’s well worth tackling this job every 6 months or so. You won’t regret it.

Clever Storage

This is something everyone should consider whether in your own home or rented. When buying new pieces of furniture ensure they have a storage option. Think of footstools with a lid, coffee tables with shelves, bookcases, magazine racks, divan beds, colourful storage boxes and more. It’s a great way to hide away the smaller bits make your home feel less cluttered. When furnishing your home, use all of the room including the height above wardrobes a doorways. In the hallway, have a place for coats and hats, the daily post and your keys to avoid too much mess. And remember to create storage for all of your smaller items, ensuring it’s stylish as well as practical. That way you won’t tire of it or get fed up using it.

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Thinking carefully about the lighting will help give the illusion of a larger room in the evening. Try not to rely on overhead lighting but place lights on the floor in corners of the room to shine upwards. Pop a few uplighters on the floor behind the sofa or by the side of bookcase to create shadows and pockets of brighter light. Add lighting to stairs and hallways to brighten darker areas and add track lighting on the skirting of your kitchen and wardrobes. Consider the types of bulbs you use too. Brighter, whiter light, whilst feeling cooler will help the light bounce around giving an illusion of space. All of these tricks help illuminate dark areas, tricking our eyes and deceiving our brain into thinking the space is bigger that it really is.

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Alongside lighting, goes the use of mirrors. Strategically placed mirrors are a great way to bounce the light around a room or a hallway to help it feel roomier. Hang one on a wall opposite a window to maximise the light, and even have two that reflect off each other. Any way you can add a mirrored surface into a smaller room will benefit the space and help it feel larger.

Decorating Tricks
There are lots of tricks we can use that help make our home seem bigger. If the room is small, don’t shy away from larger, more oversized furniture, it will strangely help the room feel larger. Employ lots of painting tricks when you’re decorating too. Use light reflecting paint and take the colour up on the cornicing and down on the skirting. It will help the room feel taller and less broken up. Trick your eye into seeing further by purchasing transparent furniture. Perspex coffee tables, glass dining table tops and lots of furniture on legs. If you can see to the end of the room, and know there’s more floor space, you room will certainly feel more spacious.

Embrace the Space
If all that fails, don’t despair. It’s alright to embrace the smaller space and make it a feature. Don’t be afraid to paint a small cloakroom in a bold, dark colour, or add wallpaper in a large striking print. Sometimes there’s very little that can be done to make a room feel bigger, so you may as well create a feature from it. Creating such a wow factor in a tiny room will avoid anyone noticing the smaller space. It’s another great trick that’s easy to use, you just need to be brave enough to give it a go.

So, do you use any of these tips and tricks already in your home? If not, we do hope they will be useful, and let us know if you try any out. We’d love to know how they work for you.

Author Bio: Jen Stanbrook is an award winning interiors writer and blogger at Love Chic Living, showcasing great design and style for a family home.

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