Upcycling – the benefits

With the housing market surging every year, it’s unsurprising that house-buying has become nothing but a pipe dream for many. However, those who have admirably pooled their savings into buying their first home have come up with a new, socially acceptable trend to save a few pennies – upcycling.

The term upcycling basically means to reuse slightly old and battered objects. From a financial point of view, those who upcycle are miles ahead and it is becoming increasingly popular to use re-worked pieces of furniture and ornaments to add culture and colour to your new home.

How to upcycle

Reports suggest that of all the furniture and materials thrown away each year, more than 90% are in perfect condition – after all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Ideal for those looking to furnish their homes at a price they can afford. Although there are a lot of expensive pieces out there, bidding sites and charity shops still offer great deals on vintage pieces for your new home – you just have to haggle for the right price.

The benefits of upcycling

Nothing says homely quite like a curiously weather-beaten sofa and some home-made cushions, right? We’ve all be taught to find the good in something, so why not treat an unloved piece of furniture as a new pet, welcome it, love it and it will be sure to repay you back in character and offer itself as a talking point for visitors.

The great thing about upcycling is that it is not only kind to your pocket, but is stylish and on-trend too. More and more celebrities are opting for old, unique pieces to furnish their homes. After all, we all want to have something that no-one else has.

Have you recently moved into a home and upcycled? Why not share your tips and tricks with us below?

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