Winter home maintenance

You want to make sure your first winter in your new home is a magical one. Cosying up with Christmas films and hot chocolate…sounds perfect, right? There are just a few things you should be doing before the coldest months of the year really hit home.

Allow us to share some of our home maintenance tips this winter!

Bleed the radiators

It doesn’t sound like much, but a little bit of air trapped in your radiators can make a big difference to the way your house is heated! That little air bubble means your heating can’t travel around the pipes properly, costing you money by being ineffective.

Clean your gutters

We hear a lot about the danger of ‘ice dams’ around this time of year, but does anyone really understand what they are? An ice dam is an ice build-up on the roof of a home which can cause severe water damage and leaks. The best way to prevent this happening is to clear out your gutters! Yes, it’s not a glamorous job, but by clearing out old leaves and grime you can make sure water can flow freely through the gutters to the ground. Easy.

Protect your plant pots

We can throw on a woolly jumper to keep us warm, but it’s not quite so easy for our plant pots! The best way to keep your plants warm is to lift them off the ground – you can easily do this by sitting them on a couple of bricks. If they are especially delicate, use bubble wrap or hessian to wrap around the pot itself, this will help to insulate the roots even more!

Sound check

As you use your boiler more and more or if you’re lighting a fire every night, it becomes increasingly important to check your alarms. We are not only talking fire alarms here, but your carbon monoxide alarms too! It’s a quick and pain free maintenance job that really can save lives.

Keep your pipes toasty

It’s not just important to keep ourselves warm, but our pipes too! Freezing pipes can burst and cause chaos, so it’s important to insulate and protect them. You can get piping foam from all major DIY stores, all you need to do is slip it on!

How do you look after your home in the winter months? Let us know some of your top tips below!

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